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Meeting Enterprise Security Requirements with Spectra TKLM Encryption
The need for encryption continues to escalate as regulations and laws mandate encryption to protect personal, financial and sensitive corporate data. For enterprise environments with multi-site and multi-library encryption requirements, options have been limited for such solutions. Couple these concerns with the end of service life of encryption-specific products, what alternatives will you have to continue to secure your data?

For organizations requiring complex and robust encryption requirements, Spectra’s TKLM Encryption Key Management provides centralized encryption key management for multiple libraries and multiple site security requirements. Please join us for an informative session that covers how Spectra TKLM Encryption can help you meet your complex encryption requirements. We’ll cover core product features as well as how Spectra TKLM allows enterprises to consolidate and simplify encryption key management practices, reduce costs and improve overall security.
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  Spectra TKLM
Presentation Date & Time
Host:   Jon HIles
of Spectra Logic
Date:   December 13, 2012
Time:   10:00 AM MDT
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